Drone footage in my wedding film...is it worth it?

Is Drone footage worth it?

Asking if drone footage is worth the cost is like asking if a beautiful custom wedding cake is worth buying over a sheet cake from Costco.  Are sheet cakes from Costco amazing....YES...but are they better than a wedding cake...do they even compare...nope.  The same is true for drone footage.  Is a normal wedding film, where all recording cameras are firmly planted either in the ground or in the videographers hand/filming whose-E-whatsits great,...Hard YES...but could they be better...ABSOLUTELY.  

Maybe there are a few traditionalists out there who are just into capturing their big day with Cousin Steve's camcorder.  Well, we love all God's creatures here at AshleyDallin Films. And to the few out there who are, as I type, calling Cousin Steve and offering to trade him a Chipotle meal for the use of his circa-2005 JVC camcorder, congrats on your upcoming wedding and may bartering for a wedding film bring you all the happiness and shaky ceremony footage in the world (but seriously, we love you guys).

Provo Temple Drone footage

But for those of you out there, who are willing to invest in a quality wedding film, the question will come up, "Are you wanting to add in drone footage?" Now, of course, respect your budget, but know, it is WORTH it.  For the same reasons cookies are better with chocolate chips, or rings are better with some bling, or men are better with cologne.  A film featuring drone footage will offer you two things.  

1.  A whole new perspective.  Shots of your ceremony and reception via the sky are, in a word, NUTS!  It's the birds eye view you've always dreamed about.  The "big picture" perspective that seamlessly brings together all the details and moving parts of your big day.  If you are excited to see the incredible day you've planned, payed for, and prayed over, in a way that will immediately memorialize and "make it all worth it," trust me, say YES to drone footage.  

2. Who doesn't love WOW factor.  I know I do :). All I can say is this.  You will be watching this film for...ever, and so will your kids.  So let's make it amazing!  At Ashley Dallin Films we strive to produce natural, candid, and beautiful films.  And nothing can frame your wedding scene better than a sweeping fly over by a top of the line drone and pilot.  Don't believe us, take a look at some fun shots we've taken over the years.

Check out this vlog episode from our YOUTUBE channel "The Dashleys."  There is some great drone footage of Antelope Island at the end.