Happy wedding season...It's not too late to book a wedding film!

Here we are in June!  Our weekends are jammed with multiple weddings and shoots in a day, but guess what...It's not too late to book!  Fun Fact: Weekend weddings are a doozy to book last minute.  Definitely give us a call, but for those of you who have April-August weekend weddings coming up next year, book your videographer today.

However, if you're wedding is coming up and, let's say, you just saw your cousin's wedding film and it's all you ever wanted and more, don't hesitate to call around.  Especially us...CALL US! :) (Because we're the best).   Remember, weekday weddings are often easier to accommodate last minute (unless we have a hot date planned...then you're out of luck).


That being said, happy wedding planning!